Kungfu Bootcamp Part II

Here’s part two!

B E I J I N G breaths

*This post was written on Saturday July 11th! Apologies for a delayed post.

The feeling of eyes tracking my every move never lessened throughout our week at Shaolin Temple. Even as our bus was teetering away from the campus on Friday, students stared at our group with fascination. Regardless of this foreign intrigue though, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I became friends with some of the long-term students at Shaolin Temple. By the last night of our trip, little kids were knocking on our dorm room, asking if we wanted to watch a movie or play cards.

Tuesday was our second day of kungfu, and it started as always with a morning run at 5:30. The two highlights of the day were the interviews I conducted: the first with our kungfu coach and the second with the African American student from Long Island named Moses. After lunch, my…

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Social Study Trip: Everybody was Kungfu Fighting

I can’t express how much I love going to China each year to breathe the Shaolin air and train at the Shaolin temple. I apologize for blowing up my blog with almost nothing, but Shaolin stuff. I promise I’ll move on from this eventually!! Anyway, here’s another post from one of my students and friend at Shaolin!

B E I J I N G breaths

*I didn’t take my laptop with me to Shaolin Temple (biggest regret) so this is an entry from last Tuesday (June 7)

My fingers are the only part of my body that isn’t sore.

Today was our second day of learning kungfu at the famous Shaolin Temple. I am here on the HBA social study trip, which acts as sort of break between the two semesters we cover here. All students have the opportunity to experience a different facet of Chinese culture on this week-long trip: of the options including inner-Mongolia, Shanghai, and Huizhou (hiking up Yellow Mountain), I decided to enroll at one of the oldest kungfu schools in China. This is an amazing opportunity to learn the traditional Chinese art and to gain a better understanding of Buddhism.

On Friday, right after our midterm exam, the Shaolin Temple group set off on our journey via high-speed train to…

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Hey everyone! Well, currently, I’ve moved everything in to my new apartment in Athens. Refrigerator is stocked, books are bought, school supplies check, and everything that I need is in place. It is great! It feels great to finally start living on your own like cooking for yourself, cleaning the house, and well just taking care of everything by yourself with the people that you love. At the same time, I’m feeling a little sentimental. Do you guys remember my post from 2 days ago? Here’s the link if you haven’t (click here). Well, I can’t help but to think about my adventures in China not only this past year, but the years before. I miss it.


I miss the friends that I made, and I miss the cheap food. (Like for real…In the picture above, the all you can eat barbecue and hot pot was only like 50 yuan (Not even $8!)


All this food here was no more than 200 yuan (About $31!)

Sorry if I made you hungry, but the point is that I’m beyond appreciative for what I have now! It didn’t really hit me on how much my parents put in to the house and me until I started to grocery shop and cook for myself until I saw how much I spent for myself! Like $830 for 5 books?! Man, college textbooks are way overpriced! I mean, I got it all right now! I have a TV, laptop, books, coffee pots, music instruments, clothing, and machines that do things for you.

shaolin 2015 2


For example, you had to wash clothes by hand. I washed clothes like every 2 days. It was tiring, but at the same time I felt accomplished after I finished.

Anyway, the main point is appreciation. Be appreciative for what you have because I promise that there are people in this world who wish they had what you have. You have internet right? Of course, because you’re reading this post, but do you think the people at the school I went to had internet or computers or even a smartphone? No, they lived a hard knock life. I’m so appreciative for what I have, and I guess that is all for today. I just wanted to be sentimental and show my appreciation for my life.

Throwback Thursday

Hey everyone! Well, earlier I was just scrolling down Facebook and I ran into this:


It is one of my student’s blogs about her experience in China this summer! Of course, being me…I skipped straight to the part where she talked about Shaolin haha! Anyway, this post just gave me flashbacks and made me really miss my students and China. Words can not describe how amazing it was to have had the opportunity to coach these students.

Here’s their video that they made talking about their experience at Shaolin. This literally made me cry. It was amazing, and if you still don’t believe me about how amazing it is to have the Shaolin experience, watch this video. I’ll shut up! Haha! Anyway…that’s it for today.

Update! :)

Hey everyone! I’m a little behind on blogging, but don’t worry, I’m still here! Well, I just moved into my new apartment in Athens, and man…it is awesome!! I’ll show you guys later as soon as we finish setting up and decorating a little bit more. It is still pretty blank. Well in the past week, I’ve been helping my parents out at the store and getting ready for move in day, but I start going back to UGA Karate Club in two days! So, look forward to some new post coming up! Originally, I planned to update every other day or something in China about what I’ve learned, but sometimes it just takes a little while to sink in. Look forward to more mini throwbacks of lectures, tutorials, and everything from Shaolin with the additional things from UGA Karate Club. Until then, please continue to share and follow! 🙂

But he doesn’t know the territory!: Shaolin Temple part 2

And here’s part 2 of her post! Again, don’t forget to click her follow button!! She’s an amazing writer 🙂

Eva in China

First of all, to all (both) of you who enjoyed my The Music Man reference, thank you. Actually, this post is pretty long, so if you wanna just watch that video and not read this then I won’t judge you hardly at all.

Thursday was our final day of gongfu practice. I don’t have much more to say about gongfu, but wow do I have more to say about our teacher. Like, I knew that he grew up in America, that his native language was English, that he only came to China in the summer. I just didn’t believe it until I saw it. He speaks Chinese like a native speaker (at least to my ears) and he’s so at-home in the gongfu world that his “Chinese” personality is a fully fleshed out. Generally speaking, even when us HBA kids are speaking Chinese and embracing Chinese culture, we seem like…

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Every day is a leg day, and other bad news: Shaolin Temple part 1

Hey everyone!! Well, I’m home! Back in the good ole U.S.! It’s good to be back, but I do miss China, especially that week I had coaching. Why do I say that? Well, here’s what one of my students and friend wrote, a two part blog post about her Shaolin Experience. Her story doesn’t just put a smile on my face, but it inspires me to continue coaching in the future. Anyway, I’ll let you guys have a look at her post. It is the perfect description of what Shaolin is. Don’t forget to click her follow button!

Eva in China

Pictures are at the end. You can skip to them if you don’t care about me respecting you.

On Friday, immediately after our weekly test, we headed to Beijing West Railway Station and boarded the train to Zhengzhou. Many of us were excited to take the 高铁 (gao1tie3 = “high-speed train”). Man, it was SO FAST. It was like that scene in 2001 where he’s going faster than light and everything keeps changing colors and all you see out the window is that weird plaid pattern. Except I’m kidding, and it was actually indistinguishable from a normal train ride.

I would have liked to wander a little bit in Zhengzhou, but soon after we arrived we were whisked away in a bus to the Tagou Gongfu School, where we would be staying for the week. The campus environment is a little surreal—I can’t stop feeling like I’m in a movie…

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