Hey everyone! Well, currently, I’ve moved everything in to my new apartment in Athens. Refrigerator is stocked, books are bought, school supplies check, and everything that I need is in place. It is great! It feels great to finally start living on your own like cooking for yourself, cleaning the house, and well just taking care of everything by yourself with the people that you love. At the same time, I’m feeling a little sentimental. Do you guys remember my post from 2 days ago? Here’s the link if you haven’t (click here). Well, I can’t help but to think about my adventures in China not only this past year, but the years before. I miss it.


I miss the friends that I made, and I miss the cheap food. (Like for real…In the picture above, the all you can eat barbecue and hot pot was only like 50 yuan (Not even $8!)


All this food here was no more than 200 yuan (About $31!)

Sorry if I made you hungry, but the point is that I’m beyond appreciative for what I have now! It didn’t really hit me on how much my parents put in to the house and me until I started to grocery shop and cook for myself until I saw how much I spent for myself! Like $830 for 5 books?! Man, college textbooks are way overpriced! I mean, I got it all right now! I have a TV, laptop, books, coffee pots, music instruments, clothing, and machines that do things for you.

shaolin 2015 2


For example, you had to wash clothes by hand. I washed clothes like every 2 days. It was tiring, but at the same time I felt accomplished after I finished.

Anyway, the main point is appreciation. Be appreciative for what you have because I promise that there are people in this world who wish they had what you have. You have internet right? Of course, because you’re reading this post, but do you think the people at the school I went to had internet or computers or even a smartphone? No, they lived a hard knock life. I’m so appreciative for what I have, and I guess that is all for today. I just wanted to be sentimental and show my appreciation for my life.

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