Social Study Trip: Everybody was Kungfu Fighting

I can’t express how much I love going to China each year to breathe the Shaolin air and train at the Shaolin temple. I apologize for blowing up my blog with almost nothing, but Shaolin stuff. I promise I’ll move on from this eventually!! Anyway, here’s another post from one of my students and friend at Shaolin!

B E I J I N G breaths

*I didn’t take my laptop with me to Shaolin Temple (biggest regret) so this is an entry from last Tuesday (June 7)

My fingers are the only part of my body that isn’t sore.

Today was our second day of learning kungfu at the famous Shaolin Temple. I am here on the HBA social study trip, which acts as sort of break between the two semesters we cover here. All students have the opportunity to experience a different facet of Chinese culture on this week-long trip: of the options including inner-Mongolia, Shanghai, and Huizhou (hiking up Yellow Mountain), I decided to enroll at one of the oldest kungfu schools in China. This is an amazing opportunity to learn the traditional Chinese art and to gain a better understanding of Buddhism.

On Friday, right after our midterm exam, the Shaolin Temple group set off on our journey via high-speed train to…

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