Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while! I’ve been so busy lately at the start of school, and now I think I have some time to breathe but still…not enough. Haha! Let me go ahead and list off my busy schedule and involvements before I start what I want to talk about. So I’m currently balancing school work, with actual work on the weekends, being active in the UGA Karate Club, and active in not 1, but 2 Fraternities!! Haha Talk about a busy life for a typical college kid. Anyway, I think I have my schedule down where I can talk to you guys for a little while.

Today, I want to talk about Identity. First, I would like to propose a question. How do you identify yourself? For example, I define myself as just a basic white chick who loves Starbucks and Glee more than anything living inside of a typical college frat guys who loves to party with an Asian persona. I know what you are thinking…that’s weird, right? Well, everyone has one so it isn’t that weird.┬áNow, what’s your martial arts identity? What do I mean by that? Well, everyone has a way that they fight or perform. Like Bruce Lee, staying on his toes and yelling, “Whaaaatttaaa!” Mine is just quick shots and toying when I’m tired.

The reason why I’m talking so much about it is that everyone should do what makes you feel comfortable. Find your rhythm in fighting or perform kata. It is what identifies you. Another reason is that since I’m in so many extracurricular activities, I’ve been kind of having an identity crisis because I have to be this for this event, and I’m another person going into another event. Well, that’s all for today.