Tennis vs Martial Arts 

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Hey everyone! Today I want to talk about a sport that I recently just got into. So this semester, I decided to take a tennis class for my Physical Education credit, and WOW! It was the best decision on my life!! I absolutely love tennis! The feeling of being on the court and acing a person or just winning a set is awesome! Well, I’m not that good yet being that I’m in beginner’s tennis, but it’s still fun. What I’ve also noticed is the similarities of tennis with martial arts! My tennis coach uses a lot of the same methods to explain tennis as I would in martial arts, and at the same time playing tennis made me realize that this is also a good way to improve martial arts. Here’s what I mean:

1.) The most obvious reason would have to be “Hand-Eye Coordination.” Being able to swing and hit the ball just right is like staying on target with a kick or a punch.

2.) Timing. You have to time the ball just right before you just swing and miss like in martial arts you are anticipating a person’s attack so you can defend.

3.) Rhythm and patterns. I’ve learned a lot about rhythm and patterns in martial arts like throw 2 kicks and a punch over and over, then trick them buy changing it up after a few sequences. It’s like in tennis when you hit the ball to a certain side of the court for a little while, then suddenly throwing in a top spin or something.

4.) Most importantly, Technique. I can’t stress enough how important technique is in anything! Technique is how you perform your move, and it makes a big difference when you can do it right. For example, if you don’t chamber enough for a side kick, you can possibly shorten your kick or have your kick stopped half way. In tennis, the way you hold the racket and the angle that you swing is very important because it determines where the ball goes.

Well, that’s it for today. If you haven’t tried tennis, I would highly recommend it because it is a very fun sport! For now, I’ll just leave it at that.

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2 thoughts on “Tennis vs Martial Arts 

    • Thank you! And no, there are backhand swings and forehand swings. Generally you play with your dominant side and just work on techniques that can help you return a ball from either side

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