“We are not the makers of history, we are made by history.”

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! Actually, Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Today, we celebrate the birth of Martin Luther King Jr., a chief spokesman for the nonviolent activism in the Civil Rights Movement. He’s most well known for his “I Have a Dream” speech, but instead of writing about that speech (which I’m pretty sure your English teacher or History professors have made you do it at one point), I want to write about a less common quote by him.

“We are not the makers of history, we are made by history.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

What does this quote mean? Well, history is simply the past, but it’s a framework. It shows a societies mistakes and the progressions to lead to a new innovation for our society. Yes, we do make history in a sense, but our mistakes are what shape us in the present. Let me put it in terms of the theme of my blog. When you lose a fight, Oh well. Shake it off, and learn from your mistakes! Maybe you didn’t block quick enough, maybe you accidentally let your guard down, or you should’ve kicked instead of going in for a punch.

Another example: You’re not the same person that you are as you were in middle school vs high school, and switching from high school to college. You probably had some drama happen, like you’re gf/bf broke up with you, friends hated what you did at soccer practice, or you ruined a chance to get a date to prom. We learn from those experiences. Yes, technically we made that happen, but history all together shaped us to become who we are.